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Launch Tips for Erstwilder Collections

You've seen the previews and you've fallen in love with a brooch, what's your best chance of getting it? We're here to help! 

First things first, all Erstwilder pieces are made in a limited quantity. We will only have so many of the brooches available and may not even have the whole collection.

No one wants to be disappointed so here are some tips to help you improve your chances to get these goodies!

Step 1: Create an account. 

Sounds silly but it will help you move through check out quicker. Make sure you fill in your address! 

Step 2: Follow us on our socials.

By following us you'll be able to catch every sneak peak and announcement. We have multiple posts, videos and notifications that will tell you when to set the alarm/stay awake for/cancel all meetings/postpone all arrangements/organise childcare etc. to make sure you’re all set on the day.

Step 3: Check out our FAQ's

In all likelihood all your questions will be answered in this section of our website. So have a browse through here, if you have any burning questions that aren't answered send us an email, message us on Facebook or jump on live chat and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Get online with time to spare 

This one is nice and easy, log in to your account at Cherryvintageclothing.co.uk(if you're like me you get halfway through typing and it's already auto-filled!) at least 10 minutes before the official launch time. This gives you time to prep that refreshing finger! 

Step 5: Add Existing items to your cart

If there are any designs, clothes, bags, shoes etc. currently listed in our store that you want make sure you add them to your cart before the collection launch, this will help ensure that you can check out as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Launch Time! Go for your most wanted.

It’s a minute to launch and you are counting down the seconds. You’re sitting on the Erstwilder page, you’ve sorted by new to old. You’re ready to grab those designs. Take a breath, the designs won’t suddenly appear on the page, you’ll need to refresh the page. Do that every few seconds from one minute before the official launch time and the new pieces will start to appear. They may not all populate at once so refresh a few more times.

Now it’s time to go straight for the pieces you want, don’t make umming and ahhing decisions about you maybe like that piece but maybe not? So it  really helps if you have an ‘must-have’ list ahead of time and plan your budget. Time is of the essence so consult your most wanted list and grab those designs straight into your cart. Then check out as quickly as you can once you have the ones you want. 

Most importantly here; keep calm. 

Step 7: If items are disappearing from your cart, don’t turn back, keep going!

The first thing to remember is, even though it’s in your basket, it’s not yours until the transaction has completed. So you’ve proceeded through check out, your payment is being finalised, our site will make sure that all items in your cart are still in stock. 

Note: There will unfortunately be a rare occasion when our website is unable to keep up with orders, so look out for an email just in case you’re unlucky (the transaction went through but it actually shouldn’t have. This has happened to us before when doing our own shopping and it’s pretty frustrating, fingers crossed that none of those types of emails have to be sent out.)

Bonus Pro Tip : Checking out with some forms of payment can take slightly longer to process, for example ClearPay. When using one of these forms of payment it’s best to make sure you know your login details for a speedy checkout.

If you really can’t find the piece that you’re looking for, type in the search bar ie ‘Erstwilder ……’

Finally, we hope you all get the pieces you love, and if you don’t keep an eye out, sometimes we get returned pieces and there’s always a new collection around the corner ❤️