Launch Tips

No one wants to be disappointed so I’ve compiled a few things you can do to improve your chances....

The first thing to remember is, even though it’s in your basket, it’s not yours until the transaction has completed. 
Some forms of payment take slightly longer for example ClearPay , so make sure you know all your password details for a quick checkout.

Keep refreshing, it sometimes takes a little bit of time to appear. Top tip , get there a little early....

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, type in the search bar ie ‘Erstwilder’

Decide what you’d like beforehand, any time deciding when the collection has launched could lose you your favourites...

There will unfortunately be a rare occasion when my website can’t quite keep up with orders, so look out for an email just in case you’re unlucky (the transaction went through but it actually shouldn’t have. This has happened to me and it’s pretty annoying, fingers crossed I don’t have to write any of those emails)

And finally, I hope you all get the pieces you love, and if you don’t there’s always a new collection around the corner ❤️